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Honfleur: The Lieutenancy

Honfleur, a picturesque old port in Normandy

Honfleur is an old port in Normandy, located at the estuary of Seine. It was a favourite place of many French artists, including the well known impressionists Eugène Boudin and Claude Monet. There are a lot of sighseeings in the city – the old Lieutenancy, the Saint-Catherine’s Church, Museum Eugène Boudin, Naval Museum. Celý příspěvek

Mont-St-Michel: A panoramic view

Mont-St-Michel, a Magic Island in Normandy

The tidal island Mont-St-Michel (in English St. Michael’s Mount) is located at the mouth of Couesnon River in Lower Normandy (France). Sometimes, it is attributed to the nearby Brittanny as well. The first chapel devoted to St. Michael was founded by bishop Aubert of Avranches in the 8th century. Later, the island was converted to a fortified abbey. In 1789, the abbey was closed and converted to a prison for about 90 years. Celý příspěvek