New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Prague (5/6)

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Prague

Czechs are fireworks freaks. Prague belongs to the big cities where a New Year’s Eve fireworks is held. In last two years, the fireworks performance moved to the city center near the “Shooter’s Island” (Střelecký ostrov) and the Charles Bridge (Karlův most). The light effects were fired from a pontoon anchred on the Vltava river.

But not only the famous fireworks is the reason why go to Prague to celebrate a New Year. One of the best reasons to spend New Year’s Eve in Prague is money. Prague is extremely inexpensive, especially when it comes to food and drink.

The hotels and all other accommodations during the New Years celebration in Prague period are almost always fully booked, so if your thinking of visiting Prague during this period please make a hotel reservation in advance.

In 2012, the New Year fireworks over Prague lit up in the first minute of the new year. In 2013, the performance started at 18 hours.